Tell Dad To Start Smoking Now!



In just a few short years, the fine smoked meats, fish, veggies and just about every other food  -- even innocent pineapples shoved into turkeys -- at Mr. P’s Mountain Smokehouse have gained a huge following. For locals it’s a weekly event – for the summer people – it’s a yearly tradition: getting as much of that smoky goodness flavor, courtesy of the Smoke Meister himself, Chris Palmatier. And if you’ve ever wondered how it’s done, the chef himself is about to reveal all for Father’s Day. (We hear you may have to sign a non disclosure agreement!)

Chef Chris is hosting three workshops for Dad’s on their special day, at the smokehouse. From Chef Chris:

“Looking for a unique and special gift for Father’s Day?  Give Dad a barbecue workshop with Mr. P! Workshops will cover dry rubs, smokers, cuts of meats, and of course, samples of meats right off the smoker.  On Father’s Day, June 15, Mr. P will be hosting 3 workshops:

1 pm – Beef Brisket

3 pm – Pork Butts

5 pm – Pork Spare Ribs

Each workshop lasts approximately 1 hour.  Don’t wait – maximum of 6 slots available per class, reservations are required.  $39 per class.  For reservations or more information call (518) 532-4300".