Need An Explanation?

Summer folks and visitors maybe a little taken aback to see the interaction between pineapples and turkeys conjured up by the folks at Mr. P’s Mountain Smokehouse.!

But seasoned folks up here know that it’s a recipe for deliciousness. This is how the smokehouse does their Thanksgiving Turkeys, and the result is a  ender and taste bud filled zinger.

And turkey smoked this way is the star ingredient in the Smokehouse’s sandwich of the month. Also look out this week for smoked salmon. From Chef Shelby:

“For people who haven't tried the salmon, it's not the thinly sliced, salted version; they really need to come in for a taste”. (She is gosh, dang, right!)

Our other tips: Brisket. If you are around when they come out of the smoker,  Mr. P shares the burnt ends to whoever happens to be around.  And for Chef Shelby’s GLUTEN-FREE sweet treats, hurry in for Dr. Pepper chocolate cake and lemon cupcakes in the bakery case.