St. Patty's Day Weekend and Beyond

The Irish is alive and well at Sticks and Stones. Co-owner Steve Holmes swears that he’s from a long line of O'Connors! (Okay, he is, we checked on

So that gives Steve bragging rights to offer up his secret recipe for his “super tender, slow roasted” Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner for $14.99 on  Saturday. While supplies last!!! Reservations not accepted, but as Steve says: “Ugly green sweaters are optional!”

Meanwhile, at Flanagan’s, St. Patty’s Day starts at lunch and dinner this weekend. There are food and drink specials all day Saturday and Sunday with a HUGE St. Patrick's Day Celebration on St. Patrick's Day. 

At Witherbee's Carriage House the kitchen is turning out Corned Beef and Cabbage, Bangers and Mash and  Home Made Shepherd's Pie (Traditional or Vegetarian). All of their entrees are gluten free.

And now, for something completely different this weekend! From Deb, at DeCesare’s pizza: “We have a hot roast beef sandwich served with French fries and a crab meat stuffed shrimp served with a side of pasta with garlic and oil, with a salad”.