Good Climbing, Grace!

The good folks at Paradox Brewery are once again embracing their community and the amazing history of the Adorondacks.

After a special brewed batch of their Steam Beer, the Effingham, they are saluting the first lady of the 46ers, Grace Hudowalski, who now has her own peak named after her.

That decision was made to rename East Dix Peak, Grace Peak, by the United States Board of Geographic Names.  USBGN approved the petition submitted by the Forty-Sixers on June 12, 2014. The decision by the USBGN brings to a successful conclusion the campaign the 46ers began 15 years ago to name a high peak after Grace.

“Everyone has a mentor – a coach, parent or grandparent, friend, or teacher – who influences the outcome of their life. These angels are remembered but rarely honored. 

"Grace Hudowalski was a mentor to thousands of people as she shared her enthusiasm for the Adirondacks with everyone. The naming of Grace Peak is a tribute, not only to the lives she touched, but to all of those angels who make a positive impact on our lives,” said Douglas Arnold, who led the naming effort.

There's a June 20th event at the North Hudson Town Park. That's where PDX will premiere their new Grace Peak Beer and where their special edition  glasses (pictured below) will be for sale. We’ll have all the details, soon!