Party Time In Schroon: Welcome Marathoners!!!

Warren Sieme plays Sticks and Sones tonight from 6:30 pm

Warren Sieme plays Sticks and Sones tonight from 6:30 pm

What a weekend ahead, the town is buzzing with anticipation as our slice of paradise is about to be shared with hundreds here for the Marathon Weekend.

We have some last minute additions to what’s happening around town.

From our buds at the Paradox Brewery:

“It's going to be a great day to play hooky on Friday...the PDX beer garden tent will open EARLY @ NOON! Come enjoy a pint of Paradox Pumpkin or Oktoberfest Lager. Need an excuse to skip work? We got em:
- Bad haircut.
- Couldn't find a good parking spot.
- Your physic told you not to.
- Your dog is depressed and you need to cheer him up.
- You couldn't find an outfit (construction supervisors love this one)
- The PDX tent will be closing at the end of October".

After your visit to the Brewery, we’ve got some music for you to kick off your weekend. Warren Sieme is playing live tonight from 6:30pm - 9:00pm to kick off Marathon Weekend at Sticks & Stones! On Saturday night it’s crazy Karaoke at the Timberwolf Pub

Want freebies?  Marathon Runners can get free admission into one of the best kept secrets in the Adirondacks: Railroads on Parade in Pottersville, either of Saturday or Sunday, according to our friend, Barbara Dunham. Their hours are for both days are noon to 5pm,  
although Barb says they are  planning to open “a bit earlier” on both days.

And for runners wanting to loosen up – and have some fun at the same time – check out Anna Hay ‘s Zumba class at 4pm Saturday. It will be on the soccer field behind the Schroon Lake Central Schrool's  gym (where the expo is held).

Got an event we missed? Tell us in comments.