Railroads On Parade: The Last Run?

The New York Times says that the sale is being forced by an investor who needs to recoup his investment in the exhibit.  Efforts to move Railroads on Parade to Lake George fell through when a space large enough to house the exhibit could not be located. The exhibit is worth millions and the Times reports the Dunhams and thie investor have sunk around $750,000 into the project.

In our story we reported how the Dunhams were hoping for wealthy patron to emerge and buy the railroads and keep them intact.

From The Times:

No matter what happens to the contents of Railroads on Parade, which will close after Columbus Day, Oct. 13, the Dunhams said they intended to keep producing model railroads.

“There are three types of clients,” Mr. Dunham said. “Those who just have to have it; those who like trains for their historic value and can afford it; and those who come from families of railroad people. The reason people want trains is that it’s a world they can control.”

Ms. Dunham is particularly upset by the possibility that the collection could be broken up and sold to a scattering of bidders. Dunham Studios has produced custom model railroads for about 25 years, and while Ms. Dunham said her husband also enjoyed a successful Broadway career, the model trains have been her life’s work. “This has been my theater thing,” she said.