Fun in The ‘Dacks All Winter Long

The following are the general meeting Minutes for January 23, 2015  from the Tri-Lakes Business Alliance.

Donnie called the meeting to order, welcomed everyone and reminded us of the 5th Annual Bob Whiteford Ice Fishing Tournament to be held on Brant Lake, Saturday, January 24th from 9AM to 3PM.

Electronic Bulletin Board Sign:  Fred gave us an update on the progress of that committee.  There is a problem with positioning the pole that he is working on and will keep us updated.  So far donations received for the sign are at $3K.

Woofstock:  Cindy made a deposit to Dock Dogs to lock them in.  She will give a full report at the next meeting.  Donnie asked for questions from the floor…there were none.

St. Patrick's Day Parade:  Is scheduled for March 7th.  Keith has set up road closing and has the bagpipers lined up.  Barb Thomas will co-chair with Donnie.  Randy and Dave will serve on the committee.   There was discussion regarding sending letters to businesses, banners, bands and notifying Trailways Bus Company.  This committee is scheduled to meet on Monday, February 2, at 5PM at the Panther Mountain Inn.

ATV Rides:  Scheduled as follows:  May 30th with proceeds earmarked for the Electronic Bulletin Board Sign, July 18th (no designation for proceeds as yet), and September 26th with proceeds earmarked for Toys for Tots.

Jeep Run:  Donnie told us about a National Topless Day for Jeeps being coordinated by Alon at the Tin Teepee to benefit the Capital District Food Pantry Program which includes Warren County food pantries.  Scheduled date is May 16th.

Tax Filing:  Donnie thanked Fred for preparing our taxes last year.  Eric Johnson, who has an office on Route 8 across from the "chicken" as well as the Clifton Park area, will look at them for us this year and will probably file for us at no charge.  Eric's phone number is 456-7412.  Dee recognized that Wayne had offered pro bono as well at the same time.

A thank you note read from newly formed N. Warren Central School PTO for our contribution.

Brant Lake Winter Carnival:  scheduled for February 21st starting at 11AM.  Plans are moving along, classes from NWCS will sell hamburgers, hot dogs and such.  New activities planned for this year are Longest Icicle Contest and Crowning of a King and Queen.  Local participating restaurants will have a vote jar.  Anyone 21 years or older can be nominated at $1 per vote.  The ongoing tallies will be posted on facebook so vote often.  Proceeds will help defray expenses of the carnival.

Barb advised that Walkie-Talkies have been obtained for use at the carnival as well as other TLBA events.

Randy advised that to date $1,470 has been collected for prize money for the Outhouse Races.  Prize money for this year will be capped at $2K with overage to go to next year's prize money fund.

Barb reminded us about the Crazy Downhill Derby scheduled for February 14th….always a fun time with a lot going on.

Al advised that the Carol Theatre is operating with the following shows booked:  April 19th at 3PM, Praise and Glory Concert featuring a Christian group from Fort Ann with several different acts benefiting North Country Ministries.  May 9th at 7PM, Comedy Show featuring the Not Too Far from Home Comedy Tour to benefit NWCS PAC. une 20th, Woodstock at the Carol in conjunction with Woofstock. He's working on the following:  Elvis Tribute Artist in May, Classical Piano Concert, Beatles Tribute Band, Laura Roth, Big Band, Doo-Wop Show, James Taylor/Carole King  Concert, Led Zepplin Tribute, Comedy, Talented Youth of the North Country. Al also advised that out of existing theater proceeds he will have the baby grand piano tuned and obtain portable lighting at a cost of $600

Donnie will speak with the account regarding dissolution of APAC.

Fred advised that due to forthcoming repair of the bridge in Brant Lake the Car Hops may want to consider circling Brant Lake Mill Pond.  Jane suggested that they also should consider making a larger loop to include Adirondack.

Treasurer's Report:  Dee reported we have a balance of $14,034.65.

A member party wherein folks bring a dish to pass and purchase their beverages will be formulated at the next meeting.

Monica inquired as to whether we will have a Craft Beer Tasting this year.  It will be held on May 30th. Dave is Chairman. 

We sang Happy Birthday to Helena and she was presented with a cupcake.  (sorry Helena…had to do it!) Meeting adjourned, Jane Smith for Cindy Mead, Secretary