Breaking News: Schroon Lake Central School Budget Passes: Armstrong and Shaughnessy win BOE Seats

The Schroon Lake Central Schools budget of $7.2 million dollars was passed today by a margin of 373 votes for, to 245 votes against. A proposition to approve spending for up to $85,000 for two 30 passenger buses was also passed, 372 votes to 247 votes against, reports the Poststar. 

The two seats up for grabs on the School Board went to incumbent John Armstrong with 278 votes and former Schroon Lake Central Basketball coach Dana Shaughnessy with 214 votes. Armstrong, 44, an information technology manager and camp director for Word of Life, will serve a five year term. Shaughnessy, also 44, the Superintendent of Highways for Schroon, will serve a four year term. Both candidates have children at the school and spouses who are teachers there.