How’s The Weather In Schroon Lake? Check The Web Cam?

We’ve received two reader comments about the possibility of installing web cams in our little hamlet. We got the first tip around the July 4th Holiday, when former resident Gregg Beck, wrote to us with the following suggestion.

Growing up on Jordan St., I can remember the morning of the 4th, hearing all the high school bands warming up over behind the school. I say "ALL" it seemed like a lot at that time. I don't remember how many were actually there but I do remember a few. I also remember seeing all the flags in the sidewalks up and down both sides of the streets, from the school down past the white bridge. It was a lot of fun and something I still look back on with great fondness. Since the Chamber has an office on Main Street now, I think they should put a nice web cam outside the office and stream the parade live for all of us native "Schroon Lakers" who can't be here. What do you think?

Then just recently, Schroon Laker JoAnne Piterniak asked what the possibility was of having a webcam in Schroon.

I should have thought to ask you this ages ago... I've been wondering if anyone has a web cam set up overlooking the lake or another venue in SL. I have several web cams in the area bookmarked, as sadly I am away more often than I'm there. A good one is here. Would love one with a view of Schroon so I can see how the weather is, how busy the Lake is, etc. etc. Do you know of any?

So we recently took the idea to the Schroon Lake Chamber of Commerce, and pitched the idea to Rosemarie Ritson. She said the Chamber "could be open to the idea”, but didn’t know the first thing about how to proceed.

“But I will bring it up at the next Chamber meeting next week and present the idea,” Rosemarie told us. We will also be at the meeting next week, and would love to pass on the thoughts and suggestions of our dear readers, about what you think of a Schroon Lake Web Cam or Cams.

Besides Gregg’s idea of having a camera mounted outside the Chamber’s headquarters on Main Street – thus providing a four season view of life in downtown Schroon,  and of course a Hollywood view of the 4th of July Parade for folks unable to be part of the big day, where else would you like to see a camera or cameras installed?.

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