How Doritos May Make Schroon Lake A Star

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By Mark Wallenwine

The cast and crew were made up of Brian Hosan, Matthew Peterson, Joey Esguerra, David Gross, and Ethan Thompson.  Brian and I co-produced the project. Matthew Peterson, Joey Esguerra, and David Gross acted, and Ethan Thompson helped on set with audio recording as well as helping us move props around.
 What started this whole process is about a month ago a very good friend of mine named, Kurtis Nolan, sent me an email telling me about the Doritos Crash the Superbowl Contest.

I had heard of the contest before when it wasn't going on, but never new when it was in season to submit an entry. I talked to Brian about working on an add to which he was more than willing.  We just needed an idea.
The idea came that night when I was talking to my wife Amy at home.  She had suggested having two guys in a supermarket faceoff over a bag of Doritos.

Then have have the camera cut away to some store workers eating Doritos watching in which one would say, "Do you think we should tell them that we moved the Doritos to the front of the store?"
The next day Brian and I were talking about ideas and I mentioned the one my wife Amy had from the night before.  We both liked it but wanted to see if there was any way to make it better, and as we talked it over it was Brian who made the suggestion of the store worker and security guard setting up the faceoffs and watching them.  
Once our story was set.

I went to work making story boards so that we could visualize the flow of things as well as start approaching actors and locations. This is where the project almost and should have failed.  We approached numerous grocery and convenience stores all of which wouldn't grant us permission for differing reasons.  Dismayed but not willing to give up we attempted what we thought was one final try by building a grocery store set inside of the Word of Life Headquarters.

Needless to say that attempt looked terrible and as a crew we went home assuming that it just wasn't going to happen.  I went home that night and before going to bed I decided to pray.  In my prayer I said "God if you want this to happen you are going to have to make it happen and may you have all the glory in the process." 

So what happens next? How did Mark and his team secure their location?

That’s in Wednesday’s installment.