Adirondack Shindig Saturday


This is always a great way to spend a special summer, family friendly day: there’s the yard sale, a preview of the renovations of the historic 1881 church and a concert featuring The North Country Boys and Andy Smith and Bob Gagnon.

 Start your day in the morning at the Adirondack Yard Sale beginning at 9 am and continuing until 3 pm near the Recreation Field, and enjoy the Family Activities Area and take a chance in the basket raffle.

 Adirondack Shindig runs from 11 am until 3 pm. Take a walk through the original doors to see the work done in the newly renovated 1881 Union Church.

This historic structure served the Adirondack area residents and visitors for over a century. The historic building will once again serve the area as the Historical Museum Annex of the Horicon Historical Society. Hear the beautiful sound by ringing the still-operating bell as a donation toward the renovations. 

 The Shindig will feature musical entertainment, desserts and baked goods for sale by J. Gallup Farm. Great food and drinks are available at the Adirondack General Store. Bring your own chairs, get up and dance or sit back, relax, and enjoy a great day.

 The day will benefit The Town of Horicon Historical Society. Sponsored by the Town of Horicon Historical Society and the Town of Horicon.

Where and When:

 Saturday - 8/10/2019

9:00AM - 3:00PM


1881 Union Church, 21 Church Street

Adirondack, NY

Tiny Discovery Could Prevent Huge Problems for our Lakes

Photo: Courtesy Roger Friedman

Photo: Courtesy Roger Friedman

The above photo appears to show two, tiny gravel shaped pieces, less than the size of a finger nail.

They are Zebra mussels, one of the most dangerous invasive species that threaten the lakes of the Adirondacks.

These two were discovered by lake Steward Molly Wisser at the Route 74 Boat Washing station, according to Roger Friedman, from the Schroon lake Association.

The station, established two years ago, is vital to fighting invasives. A hat tip to all three of our area lake associations: The Paradox Lake Association, The Schroon Lake Association and the East Shore Schroon Lake Association for initiating this effort.

And take a bow Molly: your eagle eyes saved what could have been a disastrous event.  More about these mollusks from the Lake Champlain Basin Atlas:

“The zebra mussel is a small freshwater mollusk native to the Black and Caspian Sea regions. First discovered in the Great Lakes in 1988, it is thought that they were transported to North America in the ballast tanks of ships. Since then, the mussels have spread throughout much of the eastern half of the United States.

Zebra mussels were first discovered in the southern part of Lake Champlain in 1993. Since then, the State of Vermont has tracked the spread of zebra mussels northward as part of the Long Term Water Quality and Biological Monitoring Program. Since 1993, zebra mussels have spread throughout nearly all of Lake Champlain. The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation also monitors for zebra mussels on inland lakes”.

All Aboard Schroon Lake's Opening Memorial Day Weekend

All aboard if you'd like to help out and get in on the action for Schroon's first ever Opening Weekend. Organizer Shelby Davis is hosting an open house at Mr. P's for all those interested in lending their support to the official launch of the Summer Season on Thursday, April 5, 9 am.

Meanwhile, the first entrant into the Boat Parade has signed up. From Shelby:

Just received our first registration for the Boat Parade! Thanks Warren County Undersherriff Michael Badger, we are looking forward to seeing the Marine Detail on the lake 5/26 and in the parade!

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